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My Name is Ali What is your name – ebook


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Ladimari Toledo Hoeppler



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Smart Mind Publishing and Distribution

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‎ 9789948254942

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Online Book

رمز المنتج: غير محدد التصنيف: Product ID: 19510


The book includes the case of the child Ali with Down syndrome The book explains how this category of society enjoys the spirit of life, as it reviews Ali’s skills and hobbies that he loves, how he likes to have friends, and how he shares everything he loves with others. The book includes a set of guidelines and tips for dealing with parents, teachers and educational centers in their dealings with Down syndrome For parents and teachers… Some facts: Down syndrome is a condition, encoded within a person’s genes, that is present from birth. About ninety-five percent of all Down syndrome cases are the result of having three copies of chromosome 21, also called Trisomy 21. Instead of having 46 chromosomes (23 pairs,) a person with Down syndrome has 47 chromosomes because of an extra copy of chromosome 21. Three types of Down syndrome: Trisomy 21 is the most common type of Down syndrome. An extra chromosome gets replicated in every cell of the developing body. Translocation accounts for about 3 percent of Down syndrome cases. In this case, the baby is born with the usual 46 chromosomes but has a copy of chromosome 21 that attaches to another chromosome within the cell. Mosaicism accounts for about 2 percent of Down syndrome cases. The baby will have some cells containing 46 chromosomes and some containing 47, resulting in fewer and less-severe symptoms. Some Myths: People with DS all look the same People with DS cannot achieve normal life goals People with DS don’t live very long Only older mothers will have babies with DS International Down Syndrome Day: March 21 Everyone around the world spreads awareness about DS during the month of March. If you are in Dubai and want to know more about Down syndrome, visit the Dubai Down Syndrome Centre (a school that provides services for people with Down syndrome,)


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